City of Bowie Sexual Offenders

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Convicted Charge

Registered Address

Alewine, Rodney Dwayne Sexual Assault (child) 1213 N. Mill Street
Bowman, Robert Jay Aggravated Sexual Assault (child) 404 1/2 Elba Street
Bowman, Wallace Wayne                

Sexual Assault (child)

402 Jones Street
Charles, Sirildo

Sexual Assault (child)

211 West Pecan Street Apt. B
Christesson, James Jay

Aggravated Sexual Assault (child)

Correa, Mauro Martinez Aggravated Sexual Assault (child) 421 Hutchinson Street
Crockett, William Cole

Sexual Assault (child)

512 Patterson Street
Kirby, Thomas Joseph

Indecency with a child by contact

1201 E. Tarrant
Lanier, Carl Danny Indecency with a child by contact 1109 North Mason Street
Romine, Doyle Wayne Sexual Assault 311 Hudspeth Street
Trayler, Stacy Ray Indecency with a child by contact 301 Missouri Street
Vega, Bobby Ray

Indecency with a child by contact

412 South Mill Street
Wood, Billy Dale Sexual Assault 500 Ussery Street
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